About Us

Melvin Bright is an independent provider of reliable and unbiased strategic market research. We provide data and analysis for a multitude of technologies, products and services markets around the world.

We offer syndicated market research reports, customized market research solutions, and consulting services for various industry verticals. Our research reports and solutions offer high level of granularity in numerous global markets which help our clients to identify and prioritize high growth opportunities in these markets. We also offer data subscription services which keep the customers updated with the changing demand-supply scenarios in the global market.

We serve clients in more than 50 countries. Our client base consists of more than 70% of the manufacturing companies among the Fortune 500, global investment banks, venture capital and private equity firms, global management consulting firms, government agencies, and universities and business schools around the globe.

Our extensive network of analysts across the globe provides the depth of local business information which helps to identify and measure the effect of the latest market developments, leading technologies, and other factors that can affect the market.

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